Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Project Life | Week 14 and 15

Project Life Week 14

The biggest dilemma I ran into when going so long without working on Project Life, I discovered I can go days and days without taking a single picture and the few I took really aren't that great. Two of these photos I took when the girls sat down to work on Project Life with me and I realized I hadn't take photos all week. But I muddled through.

Project Life Week 15

This week the photos I took fit on one page. But the kids had gone to their grandparents' house for a couple of nights, so my mother-in-law blessed me with LOTS of photos. I didn't use all of them, but I did use a bunch. So after a lot of single page spreads, I did a four page spread for Week 15.

I went back to my comfort zone in designing cards for inserting. I'll just be honest, I really struggle to use the pre-packaged stuff. No judgement, but it throws my creativity for me. I actually loved how these four pages turned out. Lots more journaling and I do love that.

I used a glitter filler card on this page. It reminded me the look of gravel. I repeated that glitter on the right side in the little pockets (see below).

And now Project Life is feeling a little less overwhelming. Now I think I'm just five weeks behind. I already have the photos inserted for weeks 16 and 17. I just need to go back in and do the embellishing and journaling, etc.

Once I am all caught up, I'm going to go back to offering some freebies. So my loyal Freebie Followers, don't give up on me just yet.


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