Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Middle Child

The oldest child gets lots of praise. And the youngest child gets lots of attention, for the sheer volume in her presence (she greets life fully present). It's the middle child that slips behind the other two, if I'm not careful.

The middle child.

Last night we snuggled on the couch re-reading a reading comprehension worksheet that she had struggled with at school. The oldest was doing his reading in his room. The youngest I had to instruct to leave the couch, I was having Mercy time. As we snuggled and struggled through the three pages about prairie dogs I was reminded how easy it is for her to slip behind the other two. In the moments we talked about why reading was hard and important, even when we really don't care too much about prairie dogs and their predators. (Which the oldest and youngest find very interesting, but Mercy and I do not.) And I promise that I will find her interesting things to read because that's my job as her mommy, to find some way to help spark an interest in things that are really important, like reading.

That's my job as her mommy.

And there was this light, though dim, that helped me find a way to bring her back to the front for a few moments. And so today I have been hunting for printable reading passages on color and glyphs, which is significantly more interesting to an artist's mind than prairie dogs with photocopied pictures that are too black to decipher what body part they are using to feed themselves anyway. And I can hardly wait for her to get off the bus so that I can show her what I found.

And that's my job as her mommy.


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