Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Maybe Three Decades

It's had been at least twenty years for sure, but I really think it's been three decades since I had been on a bike.

Eric has been talking about me getting a bike for the last two years. I kept putting him off. I've not really had any desire to ride a bike and I didn't think he needed one more thing to store in the garage. In the last month my heart started to soften.

There's a reason. In 2013 I decided to get on the running bandwagon. I got a treadmill and I was working out five to six days a week. Halfway through the year I started to feel really uncomfortable about the amount of time I spent on the treadmill. An hour six days a week is kind of a lot. Because our treadmill is so loud and we have a small house, it's too noisy to do when the kids are sleeping. The kids started asking if I was working out again. I started to cut back on the time on the treadmill, limiting to the time that all three kids were in school. At the same time I was starting a new job and a new volunteer position, which kept me busy most of the days that my kindergartener was in school. Working out on that beloved treadmill dwindled to almost nothing. And I'll be honest, it was easy to stop. I really detest sweating and physical exertion. No sweet high for me.

It was about that time that my posting here became less and less frequent, as well.

I gained twenty-five pounds. It shocked me. I know that most of you are going, "Duh. I could see that coming." I didn't. It came on fast. I didn't expect it because I had never really worked out faithfully in my whole life prior to this last year. After a couple of people asked me if I was pregnant I decided it was not okay. I also went through a significant health scare after my first mammogram.

I cut out pop. (A huge deal, if you know me.) The weight isn't just falling off, like I think it should by giving up such a staple in my diet. (I still have ONE pop, ONE time a week. Don't judge me.) I know activity is key. I'm not willing to commitment to the daily hour on the treadmill while the kids are home this Summer. Fall may be a different story (Gracie will be in first grade and at school every day then).

So, I said yes to my husband about getting a bike. Last night we went on a bike ride, all five of us. I got the cheapest ladies bike at Wal-mart (still a bit pricey for my level of commitment). But it is adorable, vintage style, cantaloupe and powder blue. A high school girl out on a walk with a boy told me I had the coolest bike. This forty year old middle-aged momma felt pretty flattered by that.

So family bike rides this Summer? Yes, please! And I do not fool myself into thinking that this is really all that much exercise. Eric took the front and I followed up in the rear, staying behind with Gracie, who is pedaling her hardest, but those 16" bike wheels require a lot of action to go the distance.

It's true what they say, it didn't matter that I hadn't been on one in thirty years.


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  1. I want to see a picture of your bike! It sounds so cute and how fun that you're husband is taking the lead on this. I love that!