Thursday, June 26, 2014

Simple Summer | Hot Dogs at the State Park

This summer I've committed to less. We're still busy. Everything I do I am prone to throw myself in 110%. So even the very few commitments this summer make time full. But this summer I'm being intentional about small simple evenings with great delight. Evenings that will mark this summer as the one we did family together time, simply. Already in the week and a half of summer we have had much of that. And I am so grateful.

Sunday night on a whim, after a very, very busy morning (though intensely rewarding) working with kids, we decided to head out to the state park to roast hot dogs. We called my brother to see if he wanted to meet us there. We stopped on the way at the corner store to get a Discover Pass and hot dogs.

Then we went to the park and the kids played. Uncle showed up shortly after we arrived and he brought his camera.

These are some of his amazing photos. Love, love, love that he likes to photograph his nephew and neices.


And these are mine. Far less perfect, especially displayed in the same post as his, but beautiful to me, just the same, because they are my children and it was a delightful evening of being family.

 This is the man that I love, more than any other.

This is my favorite because only Uncle can get such silliness out of these three.

May your summer evenings be filled with delightful God-given simple family time.


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