Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Before School

Right now we are keenly aware that we have just one week left before school resumes. Our school supplies lists have been checked and double checked. Our closets have been purged of clothes that don't fit and restocked with some new special first day of school outfits, hanging and waiting. We've gotten fresh haircuts.

Gracie's grown-up First Grade haircut.

And now we're trying to stuff all kinds of goodness into this last week. The kids have an overnight at Grandpa and Grandma's. I have a big day of work. We have an evening of dropping off school supplies and meeting our teachers. We have a surprise trip planned for the kids. We have an end of the year party in the Children's Program we host and an all-church potluck I'm helping to coordinate, on the same day. Then school starts.

Summer seemed to speed by faster than every this year, even though we didn't do a big family vacation. We did a lot more last minute impromptu things. With so many obligations on Sunday (me) we had to think a bit differently about going and doing. And it all worked out. Though next year we are planning a very big multi-week trip across country. Lord-willing. So even now we're working towards getting adequate coverage to make it possible.

What are you squeezing in before school starts?


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