Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Digital Freebie | Weight Watchers Inspired Mini Kit

Download Weight for It Mini Kit HERE.

I shared last week that the kids went back to school and that my youngest is now in school full time. That means new routines for me. The biggest thing that I needed to regain control of in my life is myself. I've put on all the weight that I took off a number of years ago (after I had Gracie). I lost weight the first time with Weight Watchers. It's the only weight management program that has really made sense to me. Eat less, move more. Write it all down. Write it ALL down. When I went to the doctor recently I complained that it was so much harder to loose weight since turning forty. She looked at me, smiled and simply said, "You did it before, you can do it again."

It was time. I was mentally ready. Anyone who has every battled food addiction knows the head space I am talking about here. So I went back to Weight Watchers on Monday. Don't worry, this blog won't suddenly become all about my weight battle. That's just one part of life right now. But I did want to give some context for this little freebie.

My return to recapture my Lifetime Goal (which is frightfully far away at the moment) inspired this little freebie that I'd love to share with you. If you, like me, are on any part of your weight management journey, perhaps these pocket cards will encourage and inspire you to document this part of your week.

I'm expecting my journey to take some time, but I'm determined to make it something worth working for. So, Let's do this, right now.


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