Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of School

I adore my children. Really, I do. I love summer and having them home and lazy mornings and afternoons and late bedtimes and crazy fun adventures.

I also adore routine and rhythms. And the start of school signals a return to both.

Yesterday was the first day of school. All three of my kids are in school full time now. And I know that some of my rhythms this year will be new for me. No more one on one days with Gracie. I miss that already.

Yesterday was crazy and wonderful. Eric took the day off so he could go to school with us and we could drop the kids off together. I love that he does that. He's been able to do that every year (except one) so far. Then I headed off to work and he did chores around the house. When the kids got home from school I heard all their first day stories and it was wonderful. I loved every minute. One on one time with each one of them while they told me stuff, their stuff.

Then today rhythm returned. As I cleaned up dinner dishes, Mercy worked on her math sheet and I prepared to sit and listen to her read, I told Eric that I could feel how easily we slipped back into our school year routines. I love that. Fall is so comforting to me. I love that when the good habits are formed it's so easy to slip into them.

Unfortunately bad habits are just as easy to slip into as well. I don't love that.

What fall rhythms and routines are comforting to you?


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  1. So glad they had a wonderful first day and that the routine seems to be coming back easily! I'm excited to the new routine of school as well.