Monday, September 15, 2014

Project Life | Week Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight

I was starting to question whether or not I planned to finish Project Life this year. I have been perpetually behind, a lot, months. It doesn't feel good and it was a bit tempting to give up. But I decided rather than give up I needed to give in and give myself some grace to just get photos and cards in the pockets and move on.

So that's what I did yesterday. Last Friday I had gotten caught up on printing my photos. I was motivated by an expiring coupon. These days I'll take whatever motivation I can get. So when we went to my brothers to watch the football game yesterday afternoon I dragged all my Project Life stuff with me and worked on it there while the boys watched the game. It was perfect because ordinarily I get irritated having to sit through a three hour game. But the time flew and I got more than a month of Project Life pages done and I didn't even work the whole time.

Win-win. Well not exactly. The Seahawks lost the game :(

Spread 1, Left side

I lumped these weeks together primarily because we went out of town over the fourth of July weekend. We do every year and I like keeping the photos from a trip all together. So here is the first page of what ended up being three double spreads.

 Spread 1, Right side


I am learning how to use my Silhouette. I love it and and should use it more. I had made this card earlier and it fit perfectly with the spread. This ended up being my favorite element of the layout.

 Spread 2, Left side

Spread 2, Right side

This is a good example of my "letting go" and just getting cards and photos in the pockets, not extra embellishments. Fast and easy, but honestly, with using the Project Life Blush Edition pocket cards, I loved it!
 Spread 3, Left side

 Spread 3, Right side

I've seen Ali Edwards, among other writing on the lines of their PL cards like this and didn't think I would love it in my book. But I finally tried it and I really do.

I decided to follow the lines of this crazy fun pocket card similarly. Ended up liking it too. But what I really liked is whipping out two weeks so quickly! Fast and simple!

What kind of motivation is helping you either get caught up or not give up on Project Life?


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