Friday, September 12, 2014

The Power of Realistic Goals

Around here life is changing and I am attempting to find new rhythms. It's harder than I expected. I dreamed these days with kids in school would be filled with "getting this house in order". I fathomed by the end of the second week there would be bags of stuff lined up at the front door, waiting to be hauled off to the Goodwill. I expected that each night my hubby and kids would open the door and either smell dinner or freshly baked cookies. I knew that my "more rested" self would handle getting dinner on the table, cleaned up, listening to my girls read aloud, checking math homework, and managing the kids' evening chores and routines to be done with smiles and patience.

Around here I expected to have Project Life spread out on my dining room table because everything else would be caught up and I could spend time doing what I have been waiting to do for months... get caught up.

Well my days haven't been all I expected them to be. Somehow there managed to be something away from here every single morning. By the time I got home and fixed lunch and did some very minimal clean-up it was time to start figuring out dinner, which has suddenly gotten even more challenging with Weight Watchers not so simple Simple Start. (I am a points girl and can NOT handle their Simple Start Plan, it's driving me INSANE and if I hadn't lost all the weight before on Weight Watchers I would have already quit! But I digress.)

Last night, after a rather low moment where I snapped at my husband (over something really silly) in front of all three children, I decided that I needed to set some realistic goals for my day. Things weren't working out the way I intended anyway. At the top of my list, right next to a load of laundry and shaving my legs (for the first time in a month), I wanted to get Project Life photos printed for the last two months.

At noon today I pulled in with my photos and a smile on my face. The dryer is now on, with my second load of laundry for the day, my legs are shaved, and even if I don't do anything with these photos today, I exceeded my goals because they were actually realistic.

What realistic goals are you setting for your day?


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