Friday, October 31, 2014

Week In The Life 2014 | Thursday Words & Photos

As far as the Week In The Life Project goes Thursday was a bust.

Three usable pictures. Hardly enough by mediocre standards, but guess what, I don't really care. You know why? Each one of my pictures tells significant parts of our stories.

Our day started with a trip to Northwest Eye Surgeons. Eric drove into work (rather than the van pool) so that he could go to this appointment with Daniel and me. I love that about him. He doesn't expect me to do these things alone, doesn't want me to. It's been a year since Daniel's last check up. I had been noticing his eye pulling when he was tired, so I was apprehensive about today's appointment. Daniel had eye surfer when he was in first grade, to this day it has been the most challenging part of this parenting journey I have had to walk with him. It was very, very hard. You can read that part of the story here.

Dr. Cadera, after a thorough check-up, where they take all kinds of measurements and rattle off all kinds of numbers that I have no reference point to understand. At the end he swings around on his rolling chair and says, "Stable. The best word to describe his eyes are stable." Thank you, God!

After the appointment we headed to Walmart to pick up some fairy wings for Gracie. Her heart was set on being a fairy and I didn't know how I was going to pull of making a set by that evening. So five dollars and we had the perfect set.

Later that night, as we waited in line at the school's Halloween party I stood behind her. Every time she saw someone she knew she hollered out their name and waved enthusiastically. After the fourth or fifth little friend I leaned into Eric and whispered, "I think she came as a social butterfly." I don't know where she gets it, neither Eric nor I is what anyone would call social. I adore that about Gracie and at the same time feel awkward at how to encourage and support her social strengths.

A huge part of the day that was undocumented in picture was the process of making Daniel's costume. His heart was set on being "Steve" from Minecraft. He'd made a pickaxe in his wood shop, which he planned to use, so I only had to make the head. But after discussion we realized he wasn't allowed to have a mask/face covering, so he decided on the "diamond helmet". I spent hours working on transforming a box into a helmet. Then when he got home Mercy informed him that the pickaxe wouldn't work because they couldn't bring anything that "COULD" draw blood. So, one hour before we needed to leave and I am madly cutting out a Minecraft pickaxe from the bottom of a Costco box, using a kitchen knife because it was too thick for my scissors. Daniel told me about a half a dozen times that he loved me. It was worth it to see him smile. And so thankful that it didn't need to be pinterest worthy to please him.


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  1. I love, love, love that you went above and beyond to make Daniels costume happen. You're an amazing Mom!!!!