Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week In The Life 2014 | Tuesday Words & Photos

Week In The Life is a week long project Ali Edwards (an awesome scrapbooker and designer I've followed for years) where you capture and document a week of the everyday stuff of life. Every single time I do it, I'm glad I did. It is a bit of work, but worth it.

Here is our day two.

Right now all three kids are making their own lunches. Sometimes I help Gracie make her sandwich, peanut butter.

Right now the kids all eat cold cereal for breakfast, which they can get themselves. Honey Bunches of Oats is a favorite.

Right now is the school book fair. They all took their "spendable" money so they could shop. They all came home with a book. Unfortunately both Gracie and Mercy came home with the same title.

Right now I help Gracie get her shoes on. She's probably old enough that I should make her do it on her own. But her tennis shoes are snug and they have "Pace" everyday, so she needs to wear tennis shoes. So I help every morning.

Right now tablet time is a BIG motivator. If they are all ready to go and have a few minutes before the bus is supposed to arrive they get tablet time. This morning it was about ten minutes for Daniel and three for Mercy. Three and she still does the work of getting out. Like I said, BIG motivator. Gracie is even motivated by getting to watch. (Thank you Uncle Andy for the tablets.)

Right now the laundry basket has been sitting on the couch with clean laundry in it for three days. Today I will fold it. Maybe.

Right now I love, love, love waiting with them at the bus stop. It's seriously one of my favorite things. Often we read. When I take the camera out they have fun taking pictures.

Right now I fold laundry while watching something on hulu. It helps motivate me to make it happen. It's working right now.

Right now I am more in love than ever with this man of mine. He's the best for me. Love him.

Right now when/if the homework gets done early we can take impulse evening trips.

All three kids voted to go see Grampy. So we did.

Right now we have leftover cupcakes from Sunday's birthday party celebration at the Blue's. The kids have been working through them at dessert time before bed.

Right now we are working through the fourth season of Alias after the kids are in bed. Such a silly show, but brainless and her "aliases" always crack me up.


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