Friday, October 31, 2014

Week In The Life 2014 | Wednesday Words & Pictures

Wednesdays just might be my favorite day in the week. Around here it's late start, which means school is delayed and hour and twenty minutes. It changes the whole morning, making it feel almost like Saturday. Everyone sleeps in. And after the kids are "ready" they almost always have time to do other things. Gracie had begged me to find and print out some color-by-number sheets. So both she and Mercy spent time coloring. Then they had a few minutes of tablet time before school, Minecraft.

And I had a few minutes to upload my Tuesday photos and post before driving the kids to school.

On Wednesdays I drive the kids to school because I help out in Gracie's classroom. She loves it. I would help in the other kids' classrooms, but their teachers are both men who are newer at the teaching thing and are still figuring out how best to use volunteers. Mrs. B., Gracie's teacher is in her 29th year teaching and has utilizing volunteers better than any other teacher I have ever encountered. I never stress about volunteering in her classroom.

I watched Castle while folding several loads of laundry and cleaning my kitchen.

And today I worked out on the treadmill for the first time in months. It felt good and awful at the same time.

Time spent lesson planning today too, for the children's program at church. Easiest to do in a quiet house.

Tonight's dinner: Korean Beef with rice, salad, peas and fresh veggies. Right now Daniel chooses carrots, Mercy chooses celery, and Gracie chooses sugar snap peas. We watched Duff's Ace of Cakes, a current favorite with the kids, during the second half of dinner. (We almost always start out talking about our day and what we did before we watch something.)

We had to go to Costco because the printer has been running low on multiple ink cartridges. Every trip it seems is crazy expensive. But I love getting fruits and veggies at Costco. So much cheaper than the grocery store. We can usually get through the produce before it goes bad. (Sometimes it's hard to get through the lettuce because right now only Eric and I, and sometimes Mercy eat salad.) So thankful that Eric is always willing to go.


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