Saturday, October 4, 2014

When Progress Looks Like Progress Because That's What I Need To See

I have been waiting for my sweet man to build my desk for over a year now. Today we made progress. I know this looks nothing like a desk. It isn't. It's a "wood shed". My husband has been concerned about the wood he's cut that has been rotting for lack of cover. No, we don't burn wood. But we certainly wouldn't want good wood to go to waste. We share the wood, once it's dried out. Lately it hasn't been getting dried out. So this little project was one on a list of projects that required his attention first. Before my desk. So now that this is almost done... we are getting closer. That's what he tells me. And that's what I believe, because I need to right now.

Next is assembling the shelving we bought at Costco this morning. For the garage. Why is that first, you ask? Well the shelf needs to be in place so that it can be loaded up with the tools that are in the middle of the garage. Therefore, space will be cleared in the garage, so that my sweet man can start on my desk. "Soon," he said this evening.

And I am so excited.


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