Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Slow down.

I went to Family Ministry Conversations last week. I left reminded of a few things, one of which was to slow down, so that ministry could happen, not just programs. Honestly, that's hard for me to do. My to do list is always playing in my head.

I'm reading a book, The Leader's Journey. It's talking about slowing down so that you can hear the Holy Spirit and experience personal transformation. It seems to be giving steps how to make that happen. And I am wrestling through, like I do with books and someone else's ideas, authenticating the new ideas as I go. I can be brutal in my scrutiny. There seems to be some rich truths in this read, but I am still testing some of the ideas.

The blog post If You are Rushing, Something is Wrong happened across my Facebook newsfeed yesterday. And it was incredible and made me take a deep breath and whisper "me too."

My kids randomly break into song, singing Simon and Garfunkel's "Feeling Groovy" thanks to an awesome public school music teacher. And when I do, both my mother and my mother-in-law's voices chime in, in my head, because when the kids start singing it, so do they.

Recently my pastor quoted C.S. Lewis' Screwtapes. Looking for the quote I stumbled on Screwtape Writes on Church Volunteers. I had to shift in my chair several times as I read.

Slow down.

My pastor, when teaching, reminds us that when something is repeated in God's Word we need to pay attention, God doesn't want us to miss what He is saying.

When I am moving more slowly I think before I speak (James 1:19).
When I am moving more slowly I look at people in the face.
When I am moving more slowly I remember what's most important.
When I am moving more slowly I hear His still quiet voice more clearly.

As we move into advent, I want to slow down and move more slowly.

Lord, help me to slow down.


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