Monday, November 3, 2014

Week In The Life 2014 | Saturday and Sunday Words & Photos

With the Week In The Life project at an end I'm a little sad and a little relieved. It's hard to focus on pictures and stories all week. Sometimes it feels like taking pictures gets in the way of just being. But I am always thankful and glad I did it.

I'm posting Saturday and Sunday's photos together to limit postings. I've posted more in the last week than I have posted in the last two months.

Saturday's Words and Photos

Saturday morning we slept in a bit. Then Eric encouraged the big kids to come outside and help rake up the leaves. They had fun and it was awesome to get some Fall photos of the big kids.

Mercy's coloring is perfect for Fall pictures.

Daniel worked diligently for a couple of hours. Halfway through Mercy came in and Gracie went out. Mercy was a cold emotional mess (we'd had a late night the night before and it affects her). So she and I snuggled under a couple of blankets on the couch. So no pictures of Gracie's hard work, but she did work about an hour outside too.

When they came in at lunch they had hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, a special treat.

While I cleaned up after lunch Eric sorted the mail. We're notorious for leaving our mail in the box for days. It's okay because we have one of those huge locked mailboxes, but it's always quite the sorting project when we get around to getting the mail.

After I cleaned up from lunch the kids went to a friend's house to play. Eric and I had three hours at home alone. Eric took a much needed nap. I spent time doing household chores. Real exciting, I know. But wonderful. I felt grateful for my friend who invited all three over at once.

Sunday's Words and Photos

Eric and I help with one of the children's programs at our church. The first Sunday of the month I have an awesome crew of volunteers that give Eric and I the week off. Love them. It was their Sunday. All I had to do was have the activities prepped.

The team said it went great. They had 18 kids this morning.

The Seahawks played this afternoon. We don't have TV so we've been making a habit of watching the games at Mom and Dad's, at least since last season when the Seahawks did well enough to make it to the Super Bowl. Eric is the only who really pays close attention to the game. The rest of us do other things, mostly just enjoying being together.

The kids all love going. Gracie is pretty selfish about time with Grandma and demands she sit with her. Grandma never seems to mind.

Mercy lefts to climb up at the kitchen counter and work with the art supplies. I love this picture. Uncle is hovering in the kitchen, giving her a hard time. She loves it. So does he.

Daniel us usually in an rout of the game. He wants to keep up on the score. But right now he's loving playing outside on Grandpa and Grandma's property, which has a great mix of trees and clearings where fort making can happen. He and Mercy spent a lot of time outside too.

This picture is nothing special, but I love the story it tells. My parents don't care about football at all. I don't think either has ever sat through a whole game. But they care about family and they really adore their son-in-law so they have us over and they even keep checking in on the game between doing activities with each of the grandkids. Love that. Love that they show love that way.

When we got home it was dinner time. Eric helped Gracie with her reading while I got some chicken caesar salad on the table for dinner. The kids got to bed by seven-thirty.

After the kids were down Eric and I sat at the table and talked about church stuff. I think that's one of my favorite things about Sunday evenings, verbally processing things with Eric. We talked about how we saw God working as evidence by some of the things we heard.

Eric called his mom and chatted. Then we headed back to the bedroom to watch a couple episodes of Alias before bed. Lately when we watch things we've tried to do it in the bedroom so that we aren't tempted to snack. I love to snack in the evenings and I'm really trying to cut back on it.

And there I have it, a Week In The Life. So thankful Ali Edwards inspires this kind of documenting because I would never have thought of it on my own.


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