Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Daily | Day One {We Welcomed Advent Slowly}

The season of Advent has arrived. For the last three years I have documented our celebration of the waiting for Christmas by doing December Daily. If you are unfamiliar with what Ali Edwards' December Daily Project is, read THIS.

Here is today's story:

My love pulled all the Christmas decorations out of the attic space. When I heard the metal pins in the ladder lock into place I felt ready to welcome Advent. However, we welcomed Advent slowly.  All day the tubs and boxes remained stacked, at the end of the hall.

Instead I sent my love to Lowe's to pick up a $15 bundle of 48 inch sticks to start a project I have been dreaming about doing. Into the evening we constructed simple giant stars. Adjusting. Gluing. Stapling with Daddy's help. Then repeating, each of the girls getting their own turn using the staple gun, with Daddy.

Until we had four giant stars. Step one, done. They still need to be lit and hung.

Instead of wrapping with lights and hanging, we had hot chocolate in tiny tea cups, with mini marshmallows and mint chocolate chips with popcorn for dinner.

And it was good.


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  1. I really like the idea of doing a December Daily. So, I'd be a bit behind, but I think I might join in! I feel like I'm in a major blogging rut lately, to the point of not hardly wanting to anymore so, this might be good. Thanks for the idea!