Thursday, May 7, 2015

Right Now | May

Right now we're doing a lot of outside chores.
  • Hosted a work day and invited both sets of parents. Both showed up. I know, now I am bragging. The huge dent they made in the backlog of outdoor upkeep helped to get Spring cleaning kicked into gear.
  • I've learned to use the power washer. Several sessions in an old pair of tennis shoes and Eric insisted I let him buy me some boots. Dry feet and a sunny day make the chore a lot more fun. Wish they made something that worked such magic indoors.
  • Paper weed blocker purchased and ready to go down.
  • Load of rock ordered, soon to be delivered.
  • Porch chairs (promised for last year's birthday) purchased, along with colorful outdoor pillows to make me want to actually sit on the porch and read this summer.
Right now we're diligently widening our vegetable palette.
  • The kids have learned to add broccoli and asparagus to carrots, sugar snap peas, peas, and celery to their short list of tolerable dinner vegetables.
  • I wonder if olive oil and garlic salt will work magic on brussel sprouts
Right now I am trying to work the creative back into my rhythm.
  • After putting Project Life on the back burner, I'm getting photos printed and enjoying documenting the simple stories that make up our every day life right now.
  • Catching up has also included some new designs to put together some more freebies. It's been too long.
Right now we are planning Summer adventures.
  • A trip east of the mountains to honor our retiring pastor as he is applauded by others in this conference.
  • Registering for a science day camp.
  • Thinking about a drama Summer camp.
  • Looking up swimming lesson schedules.
  • Taking the RV in to get some repairs before committing to Yellowstone vacation dates.

Right now we are actively working towards simplifying life.
  • Saying good-bye to some dearly love pets.
  • Winding down leading a children's church program in preparation for a three-month Sabbath rest.
  • Sorting, organizing, and purging stuff.
  • Cutting off my hair to force myself to actually do it, instead of pulling it up in pony tail every day.

Right now saying yes, more than no to time with family.
  • Saying yes to multiple field trips with the kids' classes.
  • Saying yes to donut runs to the Donut House in Anacortes.
  • Saying yes to visiting Grampy and Grammy.
  • Saying yes to evening photo shoots with Uncle Andy.
  • Saying yes to morning and evening snuggles on the couch with all three kids.

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