Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Good Book | Clementine

I picked up this book while scouring the shelves at the library, looking for something to read aloud to my then five, six, and eight year olds that at least two of the three might enjoy. With the redheaded girl on the cover, along with the title, Clementine, it seemed worthy of throwing into my bag. Then it sat in the stack of library books at home, a long time. I think I renewed it three times. I happen to love that I can renew all the books I have checked out with just one click.

The night I finally tried it the kids had been in bed for about a half hour, but were still a little restless and I decided to be spontaneous. I told them to get up and gather in the hallway with their pillows and blanket. I asked them if they wanted me to read to them. Their eyes got huge. Who doesn't love the excitement of a treat, even if it is a simple as climbing out of bed after bedtime? And honestly, I thought, it's these silly little things they just might remember someday. And I was right, at the end of that Summer when asked their favorite thing we did, it was getting up after bedtime to read!

I cracked open Sara Pennypacker's Clementine and started to read. I really only meant to read one chapter, honest. It was well past their bedtime, but I just couldn't stop. Before I knew it we were finishing up the fourth chapter. We had giggled and laughed, gasped and rolled our eyes at Clementine's mischief. My second grader was telling me that his teacher should have chosen to read this one and my first grader said we should definitely check it out again.

Sara Pennypacker has some other great books too. (She's the author of the Flat Stanley books, which we've not yet read.) I thought we had read all of the books in the Clementine Series. Imagine my delight at discovering a new one came out this month called Completely Clementine. I placed a hold and should be getting the kids out of bed to read in the hallway later this week, after the swim lessons are done!

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