Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week In the Life 2015 | Monday Photos

Week In the Life has arrived. Rarely have I felt ready for it when it comes. This time was no different. I decided to walk calmly into documenting what I could and focus on merely getting a few more pictures than normal.

This was my favorite from today. Uncle has given Daniel an opportunity to earn some cash by cutting some piece work for him. Daniel enlisted Mercy's help when the deadline was nearing and he wasn't done.

Gracie generally likes bath time and would gladly spend an hour shriveling up in the tub.

The only photo I got of myself today.

The kids were packing up to spend two nights at Grandpa Bill and Grandma Grete's, being picked up at 2:30 today. They were so excited. Mercy was packed minutes after getting up.

I am sick, drinking this to sleep. Summer colds are the worst.

This is what I see when I look in the girls' room. Their desk is always cluttered with stuff. But I love the photo because the light coming in the room makes even the clutter lovely.

My favorite homemade dinner it pizza. The only pizza recipe I ever use is The Pioneer Woman's Pizza Dough. It never fails and works every single time. I love pizza and I love this recipe.

We are getting ready to film and my hubby is steaming out the wrinkles in the "green screen" we're using. I love that man.

And there was our Monday, nothing spectacular, but very good.

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