Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week In the Life 2015 | Tuesday Photos

My purse, loaded with Halls Vitamin C drops, ready for work. Still not feeling 100%, but doing what needs to get done. Maybe should stay home, but pushing through because I'm kind of hoping I get to see Pastor one more time at the church.

Leaving my messy house. Floor still not vacuumed from yesterday's piece cutting project. Shirts stacked on the ironing board waiting for attention. Clutter on the dining room table. The kitchen looks even worse and I truly wanted to close the door and walk away this morning.

The road to work is still being chip sealed. Supposed to go 20 miles per hour. Pet peeve? Drivers who pass illegally because their destination and timeline is more important than following posted roadwork signs.

Poignant moment at work when I realized this would be the last time I saw this typically Tuesday morning scene. My pastor is retiring after twenty-one years at our church. He was just in this morning to clean out a few more things from his office. He's technically done. He's been my pastor for my entire adult life, as long as I have been stateside. Kind of emotional week for me. Probably one reason why Eric and I argued tonight over something silly... produce going bad before it gets used, his pet peeve.

Extended time filming for the children's program at church this evening with Eric. Took advantage of the kids being at Grandpa Bill and Grandma Grete's and got some filming done. I sometimes feel guilty about how much time goes into prepping for church stuff. Less guilt when it isn't taking away time from the kids. Though last night Eric wasn't that into it, so it was a lot less fun than usual.

Made Eric's lunch for tomorrow while he watched something on Netflix. Our stove sure is dirty.

By the time the day was done, I was ready. Slept on the couch again tonight, not wanting to get Eric sick. Took more night-time cold medicine and it helped me sleep through the night.

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