Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 | Wednesday Photos

After the fact, I am always glad that I have done Week in the Life. Mid-week I start to feel like my photos don't tell enough of the story. But I continue to plod along anyway. When I put together my pages I will add more to the story. Sometimes there are significant pieces to our week that aren't okay to post for everyone because they aren't only our story. But when putting together the pages, those things will work their way in and round out the story more completely. I will also have pictures from the kids' days with their grandparents which will give that part of the week too. But for now, here is a little part of the story of the day...

A little morning caffeine at my desk. Sorting through morning emails.

I little paper mess. Those papers in the KIDS bin are not the kids, but my FILE bin is too full, so it's spread over into that empty bin. I need to file before it works its way down to the TRU bin too. Obviously not my favorite task.

A little stack of drying dishes. I dislike hand washing dishes, but it has to happen. So it does.

A little variety of fruit.

A little cut up watermelon to have in the refrigerator for snacking.

A little vacuuming through the house.

A little quiet time looking up at the sky while stretched out on the trampoline. This is currently my absolute favorite quiet place.

A little jump on the trampoline, showing Cousin Lauren.

A little needed Mommy snuggle. Came home very tired, which meant very emotional. This snuggled was followed by a much longer private snuggle and chat in Mommy and Daddy's room.

A little reading.

A little dinner prep, pureed squash hidden in the homemade mac and cheese.

A little tablet time.

A little play time with in the living room.

A little produce from our weekly CSA box.

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