Thursday, September 3, 2015

My 7 Things for Fall | Fall Manifesto

Wednesday came. The kids returned to school.

Somehow, for me, this signals a return also to order, systems, schedules, lists, and getting things done. Gone are the lazy days of summer when staying in our pajamas until noon is completely okay. Gone are the days when lunch is eaten in the living room while the kids watch something on Netflix. Gone are the days when the kids jump on the trampoline five times, sometimes alone and sometimes together. Gone are the Tuesdays when the kids get to spend all day at Grandma's while Mommy goes to work. Gone are the days that we can watch the Food Network with dinner because there is plenty of time after dinner for the kids to tell Daddy all about their day. Gone are the days when eight o'clock is not too late to start the night time routine and still have enough time to have devotions and read in bed before lights out.

But it's good.

Around here, manifestos aren't only for Summer. And it's time for crafting my Fall Manifesto. I have been spending time considering what my priorities need to be this Fall.

My Fall Manifesto:
  • Be up at 6AM, more mornings than not. Proverbs 31:15
  • Mediating on God's Word, studying Acts with Daniel, who is trying out Bible Quizzing this Fall. Psalm 119:105
  • Join the PTO. Become more involved at the school, opening myself up to moms who aren't in my "church circle". It's time to widen the circle. Acts 1:8
  • De-clutter. No, purge. One area at a time, intentionally. Removing stuff for the purpose of making more room for the people who live within these four walls. Focus on purging MY stuff. Hebrews 12:1
  • Take pictures and document life to remember, but not at the expense of doing the living of life. When taking the time to document gets in the way of the living, I will choose the living. Philippians 1:3
  • More music. Have music playing in the background all day and evening, because it can put me in a good place emotionally. Philippians 4:4
  • Make Sunday after church our sacred family sabbath. Sunday mornings, for our family, are an intense time of service as a family. I want to actively guard from 1PM to bedtime to nourish and recharge our family before routine to the Monday routine. (Already had a chance to practice saying no to something, this upcoming Sunday. I was able to say no.) Exodus 3:13
As you look to Fall, what Manifesto would you create for yourself?

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  1. I would say my manifest for fall would be much the same as yours, as these items have been part of my intentional living for most of the year. Thank you so much for the lovely free things - it is so nice to find some with a biblical bent that reflect my goals for the week (the fruit of the spirit) Bless you for sharing so generously.