Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Since the Last Time | November

Since the last time I posted...

Gracie lost a tooth.

We got a green screen backdrop for filming projects, got it set up in the garage, and have been using it quite regularly.

We've spent lots of time at the bus stop. Gracie was having some tough mornings, crying and refusing to get on the bus. We discovered that making a "Gracie Sandwich" solved the problem. When she was the last one on she was tempted to turn around and run into my arms. But if she was sandwiched between her big sister ahead of her and her big brother behind her, she felt brave and safe.

We finished Mercy's blanket and started in on Gracie's.

Cousin Evan came home from his second summer fishing in Alaska.

We got to attend one of Cousin Lauren's games.

We worked as a family to stack, load and deliver wood from some fallen trees on our property.

Attended a fantastic Third Day Concert with friends.

Gracie started taking piano lessons. She gets so excited and is finding joy in practicing.

My mom found out she needed open heart surgery.

We spent days going back and forth to the hospital.

Was reminded watching my dad how lifelong love is sometimes as simple as serving by rubbing the others feet, because it's all you can do.

Spending time with my mommy.

Reminded by my boss that being an INFJ is awesome (he's bias, since he too is an INFJ).

Daniel received his first pair of Carhart bib-overalls. Proud family milestone.

And finally a father-son hunting trip that made the boys so very happy.

May your days, like mine have been, be filled with precious reminders that evidence of God's grace and mercy is sprinkled throughout every day life.