Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Daily 2015 | Day Two

Wednesdays. I am starting to get used to the afternoon routine. I still do not love the fullness, but it is becoming more manageable. It's a parent pick-up day. I get there a little early because parking at the school is so awful. Then I wait, on both ends. Once the kids are in the car we wait for the parking lot to mostly clear out. I can't handle trying to exit when the cars are bumper to bumper. So we wait. I hear about their day. They eat their after school snack. Then we head to Ms. A's for Gracie's piano lesson. On the way I realize I've forgotten the checkbook and need to swing by the bank because it's the start of the new month and I need to pay Ms. A. for the lessons. Daniel sometimes plays with Ms. A's little brother. Today they had plans to play. Mercy sat with me and did her reading, aloud to me. I like to hear her read, her diligence is paying off and she's becoming a good reader. After lessons we go to the church for dinner. Eric usually meets us there, since he doesn't get home early enough to go with us. Eric shuttles the girls home after dinner. I stay and wait for Daniel while he participates in Bible Quizzing.

When we are finally all home in front of our advent calendar I mentally commit to tomorrow night being different. Tomorrow I want us to be home all evening, slowing down and being un-rushed by the stuff of life.

Come Lord Jesus, come.

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