Friday, January 8, 2016

Legoland | The Great Adventure

We are not an adventurous family. We talk about adventures. We start to plan and get a little bit excited. Then we talk ourselves out of it before it gets too far.

We got a weekend off from our church commitments (because of the Children's Christmas Program) and we started to get a little giddy about the possibility of doing something... away. As we dreamed we knew there was one thing we really, really wanted to do before Daniel, our oldest, was too old to genuinely enjoy it... LEGOLAND.

We bought the tickets to force our commitment to going. And we went.

We drove. That's 2400 miles round trip. Crazy decision? Absolutely. But I would so do it again. There is something pretty awesome about being in the last 200 mile stretch and hearing your kids singing Lauren Daigle's Trust in You with the radio. That probably wouldn't have gone over so well on a flight. It was also pretty awesome to FINALLY get to the hotel. (We adore Hampton Inn & Suites and thoroughly enjoyed even the super short last night on the way home.)

More selfies on this trip than I have ever taken in my whole life. It's true. I had so much fun I almost wish I took more.

I remember having my picture done at Disney World as a kid. I told Eric it was the one thing I wanted to pay extra for and he gladly agreed. It was only $10 a kid. So worth it!

Day two (free because we bought the tickets online ahead) it rained. That did NOT bother this PNW family one bit. The shut down a lot of the rides, but we still found plenty to do.

Yep, we tried the famous apple fries. Yum!

A cleared out park (thank you drizzly-rainy-PNW-kind of day) meant it was a little easier to get posed pictures without someone photo bombing.

Daniel and Eric took a MindStorms class together that was pretty awesome. Their getting in had everything to do with the rainy weather. Thank you rain!

Everything was awesome!

If you have a chance to give your kids a gift like this... go for it. We are not a huge amusement park family. Don't go expecting Disneyland or Six Flags. This is awesome for non-thrill seekers wanting something for even the youngest to participate in too. Loved it!