Tuesday, December 27, 2016

DYI Wall to Wall Split Level Bunks

I have been dreaming about these bunks all year.

I scoured pinterest for something that would work well in my girls' room. It's small. I dislike traditional bunk beds. The height can make a room feel smaller. And I don't like the safety bar that seems critical when your child is up that high.

I did find a triple bunk online that sparked an idea. The result was a rough sketch that I handed to my husband with my sweetest smile. He said he thought he could make them. And he did!

I am smitten with these beds. The best thing is that if we ever move they are adjustable, they slide in and out to make them wall to wall if the width of their room changes. That was kind of a happy accident that I hadn't really planned.

To make the room feel individualized to both of them, they were each allowed to utilize a favorite color for their stuff. Mercy picked turquoise and Gracie picked purple. I decided on the shades of those colors, to ensure they worked well with each other. The result was quite pleasant and reflects both of their personalities.

I did a lot of painting. My sweet man does not like to paint and that is something I can do. So the multiple coats were all me.

We probably didn't need this many slats of wood. But I with little ones who like to stand on their bed to put things on the overhead shelf, it is better to be safe than sorry. We assembled both of these pieces in the garage and then assembled the rest in the room.

The man's really crazy long clamps came in handy.

And the man was pretty exhausted when the beds got done, so it only seemed right that he would get to try them out first.

And the girls were super happy with the end result. Gracie loves to be able to be on her knees and chat with her big sister.

I am still in awe that he made them from this little sketch of what I wanted. He's good. I didn't even know about these skills when I married him 13-ish years ago!