Friday, February 24, 2017

Right Now | God Is Faithful

What I'm Meditating on: 

Isaiah 40:3; Matthew 3
God Is Faithful

I don't feel like I do anything with much consistency. I get up out of bed. That's about it.
Even that I can't manage to do at the same time every day. Sometimes I oversleep and bolt up in a panic, hollering to the kids, "We got to get up, Mommy overslept." I would make a terrible God. Sometimes I make a lousy mom.

God, He is consistent.
He never changes. Always faithful.

The sun rises. Every. Single. Day. Right on schedule. Never running a few minutes late.

And His love is mine! Maybe you need to hear that today.

What I'm Listening To

Your Love is Mind, I Am They

I listened to this song on repeat all the way to work last week. 
I was ugly crying as the reality of this line hit me:

I called Your name, You looked my way, You looked my way

God looks my way?

What I'm Remembering