Sunday, January 21, 2018

Becoming a Minimalist

I don't think I will ever be in danger of becoming a true minimalist. Five of us live in a 1400 square foot home and we have stuff. I love our house because it's the space our children are growing up in. We don't need more space, we need less stuff. I am trying my best to discover what stuff we need and what stuff we would live better without. It isn't easy. Maybe you struggle with the same basic dilemma too.

I recently joined a Facebook group called Minimalist Mom. I appreciate scrolling through the posts and conversations. It's fascinating that those attempting go go minimal focus on the purging. Sure some degree of purging should happen, maybe even a lot. But purging usually follows binging. Won't we just continue to binge and purge if we view the solution as continually purging? Maybe. Maybe not. What do you think?

I am wondering if the real solution is to stop buying so much stuff. If I bought less stuff and wore out what I own, wouldn't that minimize the stuff in my house, granted more slowly, but more effectively. I would be learning a new way of consuming. How often do we buy stuff, because we like it better than what we already have? Do minimalists sometimes use minimalisms as an excuse to buy more stuff? Is it the mentality that I am justified in buying a few pieces I totally love (at least in the moment), because I just purged six bags of clothes I didn't really like anymore?

I've just been wondering some of these things as I have been examining ways to simplify my life this year. Downsize my closet, for sure. If I am never going to wear that lime green dress because it was on clearance ten years ago when I had a brave out of character moment and $7 seemed like such a steal. But not so that I can turn around and buy again. Up cycle it into a doll dress or take it to a thrift store so it gets used by someone who will actually wear it.

Just some of my rambling thoughts.

What about you? What do you think about the minimalist journey?


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