Thursday, January 4, 2018

Fat Quarter 18" Doll Dress

I am a little uncertain how to simplify my evenings. Between tween-ager pick-ups, dinner prep, hubby pick-up at the park-n-ride and homework, most evenings probably won't feel very simple. But the nights Eric has to head out early for commitments at church the kids usually get to bed on time. I am hoping to intentionally make space for me to do something creative, instead of fretting about what hasn't gotten done in my day.

Tonight it worked out. This is how I got my creative on.

I have had a large stash of fat quarters from a season that I thought I would quilt. I didn't want to send my collection off to the thrift store, so I knew I needed to start to put it to use. We got the girls Truly Me American Girl Dolls for Christmas, their first. And when your fourth and sixth grade girls ask for dolls, you do what you can to help them hold onto childhood as long as possible.

I spent longer on Pinterest looking for free patterns than I spent sewing the actual dress. But that was creative time spent, too, right? I found an 8" doll dress from Love Notions. What a fun little discovery. I'll be revisiting her blog again, I'm sure. This free pattern was simply enough for me to give a try. She had great instructions. I made two modifications. First, I used cotton, because remember I have fat quarters needing to be used. It was the perfect size to cut one dress. Second, I added some cream trim. I am not sure what you call the stuff, it's not lace and it's not really ribbon either. A better seamstress than me knows exactly what it's called.

So I made two... Because I have two girls and it wouldn't really be fair to just make one.

This is me free handing it. Look Mom, no pins. Actually, neither my Mom nor my Mother-in-law sews. I really should say, "Look Grandma, no pins!" or "Look Andy, no pins!"

This is to show you just how bad I am. Look at that awful stitching on the left, but turn it inside out and no one knows. My girls don't judge me. I love that. My brother, who is an amazing sewer, won't judge me either. I'm lucky like that.

And because my girls are so easy to love on, I made two... it wouldn't really be fair to just make one. I never admitted how many fat quarters I have, did I?



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