Thursday, January 18, 2018

How To Up Cycle Jeans into 18" Doll Jeans

I have been cleaning out my closet in an effort to simplify. Maybe we'll eventually have a post about that... capsule wardrobes are so appealing to me. I'm not quite there yet, but I have been getting rid of some clothes and have wanted to try up cycling old jeans. I've been on a 18" doll clothes kick lately, so I thought I would give it a go. Man, it was easy!

I started with size 12 skinny jeans. I cut about ten and a half inches off the bottom of one leg. I put the doll on top of the cut leg and marked about where the crotch was.

To draw the line I folded the pant leg in half to mark it, so I would have even legs.

Next I just cut down the center, then sewed it up again.

I turned them right side out and made sure they fit. The fit is more of a straight leg, boot-cut. Then I pulled them off and turned under the top and sewed it about 3/4" for the waistline.

I couldn't find a safety pin, so I grabbed paper clip. I think a safety pin might be easier, but it was still easy to thread the elastic through. Before threading the elastic I measured the piece around the doll's waist.

I threaded the elastic through, cinched up the waist and sewed the ends of the elastic to make the waistband secure. Then I tried them on the doll, and they fit!

In the summer I wore these particular jeans rolled up once, into capris.

But they are cute without the roll, too.

What are you up cycling these days?

And here is a link to a pattern for 18" doll slippers. It's free for one day (1/19/2018).


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