Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My Little Word for 2018 | Simplify

I haven't spent much time here lately. Other areas of life were extremely full in 2017. There were lots of conversations with my husband about balance and seasons. And though I wouldn't redo anything differently in 2017, I have a strong conviction that 2018 will be a journey to simplify our family life. There will be clearing of clutter. There will be letting go of dearly loved things that have held much of our hearts, as well as things that have lost their meaningfulness or usefulness that will be much easier to let go. There will be creating intentional white space, again. There will be space made for healing, because truthfully life lived well means there were risks taken. I don't regret the risks, but 2017 had plenty of wounds, so in 2018 we will pull back, just a little, to allow time to heal, so that risking wildly again can happen. But right now, we will simplify.

So this year I will be listening to slow music by Linford Detweiler, sewing 18" doll dresses for my girls, documenting our sweet stories with Project Life once again, and clearing the clutter that has built up around me. And if I do it well, there will be enough of me leftover at the day's end to share a little of myself here.


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