Friday, January 5, 2018

Never Too Late to Learn

I have two regrets.

I wish I'd taken ballet lessons as a child. I won't embarrass my family (and myself) by taking up ballet as a forty-something momma with forty-something extra pounds.

My second regret I was almost as self conscience about. I wish I'd taken more than one year of piano as a child. Two and a half years ago my youngest took piano lessons from the sweetest Senior in high school (she's now the sweetest college student). I would go and sit and listen while I waited and I was envious of my child, who then would practice without complaint, well most of the time. That sweet young lady went off to college and her just as sweet momma picked up where she'd left off with my dear Gracie. Year two was more challenging for Gracie and the practice was less fun, and I pushed, kind of hard, which maybe made it even less fun for her. Finally I realized I was pushing because I was the one who really wanted to take lessons. So I had a private conversation with her teacher, who happened to also be a friend and I asked her if she would ever consider giving lessons to an adult. I didn't admit I was the adult until she'd answered yes without even snickering.

Mondays have become my "Me Day". My kids are older now and I have the luxury of actually carving out a section of the day for something that benefits only me. Mommas of littles, I promise, it'll come, eventually, for you too. I've chosen piano lessons as one of the things I do that morning. And I look forward to it. I won't be playing the piano for anyone else, probably ever. But I play for me and it brings me so much joy to play the simplest arrangement of Brahms' Lullaby.

Is there something you wish you'd done when you were younger? Let me encourage you. You aren't too old to do it now.


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