Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Simply Practical | How to Clean Up Spilled Liquid Detergent

Thought I would keep it simply real. So this morning while I was at the bus stop this happened.

Can't blame it on a cat or unattended child. This is what happens when a Costco size container of Tide falls off the washing machine and lands just right so that the black cap cracks and comes off, dumping liquid detergent all over the laundry room floor.

Feel free to judge me for the starting state of my laundry room. We just purchased new bedroom furniture from IKEA and our recycle was overflowing and the room needed to be swept and mopped anyway. The chair hadn't made it all the way back to the garage because it's too heavy and awkward for me to move down the back steps. (And Eric doesn't really want it out there anyway, but doesn't want to get rid of it either.)

So the first thing you do is call Mom and Dad and ask how you clean it up! Yes, I'm forty-something, and yes, I still call Mom and Dad when I don't know the answer. Of course they told me to Google it. I did.

Then I took some old flannel sheets I had (remember we just got new bedroom furniture, we downsized our bed so I had to get new sheets). I had a king size set. And yes, it took both the top and bottom sheet. I threw the saturated flannel sheets away. Then I had some old dish towels I really wanted to be done with too. That helped to get the last of the easy to reach stuff.

Just when I was unsure what to do next my parents showed up, because they are just those kind of parents who help their adult child deal with life when they think she might appreciate it. This adult child did! Dad took care of all the blue that had run under the washing machine! Hooray!

So the lesson here... don't leave your detergent on top of your washing machine.