Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Today from the moment I arrived at work every task I planned to accomplish moved farther away from completion. My Tuesday (my regular work day) was Wednesday (my finish-up-what-didn't-get-done-on-Tuesday day) because my Tuesday was spent home sick, on the couch. My boss is pretty good at snarky comments. At one point he asked me if I wanted to go back home to the couch where I could get more of "my own job" done than I could in the office (we'd exchanged lots of productive emails the day before). But being in the office is about interruption, or interaction. Other things got done. Things that hadn't yet made it to "the list". And I did eventually get home, where I did get done a couple of the things that required no distraction. And so Thursday will come and it will be my Wednesday. Chaos is precisely what I want less of in my life in 2018.

Before I left the house this morning I made a list. Three Things. Only three things are allowed on the Three Things list, they are the three most important things to get done. Simplify, right? This is a step. A simple step. And I smile as I notice that two of the three are done. That brings more calm than a list of 39 things, of which only two are done. Right?

Before the hurry of the work day my youngest unloaded her school binder. The papers have been in her binder all Christmas break and naturally they come out the morning she returns to school. So I sorted papers five minutes before the bus. And there was one treasure, a quote tucked in the middle of a Fourth Grade Newsletter from her amazing teacher who had no idea she would be inspiring this forty-something momma on her journey to simplify. (Oh and of course the amazing Carol Burnett as well.)

I have some work to do.


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