Read Aloud Book Journal

Book #2 {The Magic Tree House #11 | Lions at Lunchtime, Mary Pope Osbourne}
Book #3 {The Magic Tree House #12 | Polar Bears Past Bedtime, Mary Pope Osbourne}
Book #4 {Imagination Station #1 | Voyage with the Vikings,
Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker}
Book #5 {Socks, Beverly Clearly}
Book #6 {Herbie Jones and the Second Grade Slippers, Suzy Kline}
Book #7 {Imagination Station #2 | Attack at the Arena,
Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker}
Book #8 Imagination Station #3 | Peril in the Palace,
Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker
Book #9 Stella Batts #2 | Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, Courtney Sheinmel
Book #10 Stella Batts #3 | Pardon Me, Courtney Sheinmel
Book #11 Herbie Jones Sails into Second Grade, Suzy Kline
Book #12 Imagination Station #4 | Revenge of the Red Knight,
Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker
Book #13 Piper Reed The Great Gypsy (Book 2), Christine Davenier
Book #14 Cabin Creek Mysteries #4 | The Haunting
of Hillside School, Kristiana Gregory
Book #15 Harvey's Horrible Snake Disaster, Eth Clifford
Book #16 Piper Reed Navy Brat (Book 1), Christine Davenier
Book #17 Stella Batts #4 | A Case of the Meanies, Courtney Sheinmel
Book #18 Piper Reed #4 / Campfire Girl, Christine Davenier
Book #19 Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth, Barbara Park
Book #20 The Tiara Club | Princess Charlotte and the Birthday Ball, Vivian French
Book #21 Piper Reed #5 | Rodeo Star, Christine Davenier
Book #23 Daisy Dawson Is On Her Way (#1), Steve Voake
Book #24 Daisy Dawson and the Secret Pond (#2), Steve Voake
Book #25 Clementine (#1), Sara Pennypacker
Book #26 The Talented Clementine, Sara Pennypacker
Book #27 Clementine's Letter, Sara Pennypacker
Book #28 Clementine, Friend of the Week, Sara Pennypacker
#29 The Puppy Place | Moose, Ellen Miles
#30 The Secrets of Droon | The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet, Tony Abbott
#31 The Secrets of Droon | Journey to the Volcano Palace, Tony Abbott
#32 Daisy Dawson (#3), Steve Voake

What's Next..

Started to Read and Abandoned (unfinished)...
11 Birthdays, Wendy Mass | Stopped around the fourth chapter.
Might try again when they're older.
Cinderella Smith | The More the Merrier, Stephanie Barden
Junie B. Jones - This series definitely did not fit our family values. Perhaps the behavior hit too close to home. We are actively working against some of the behavior described in this book and I wasn't comfortable with how the author handles the main character. We managed to make it through one book (I dislike not finishing a book), against my better judgement we started the second book and stopped after two pages, I just couldn't do any more. My apologies if this is a favorite series in your family.

When I turned 39 I made a list of things I want to do by 40 (August 2, 2013).
You can see it here.